07 janeiro 2010

Citações: Frank Carter (Gallows) sobre a Música e o Mundo Contemporâneo

(Foto: Frank Carter no Download Festival 2007, in

"British rock'n'roll should be singing about what's happening. No one wants to hear about twentysomething guys drinking whiskey. I don't care any more about any music right now because nobody's got anything to say.

But let's get one thing straight: Gallows have never been about offering a solution. We've always been about offering up a problem: this is bad, this is what's happening – pay attention. Just because you're 14 years old, that doesn't mean you can ignore a situation that directly affects you and affects your entire legacy. We're not asking kids to grow up too soon; we're just asking them to be aware of what's happening. We're saying: open your eyes.

This time around, I don't even think there is a solution. Everything is falling apart. Not only is Britain fucked, the world is fucked. We're at the beginning of the end of humanity."

in The Guardian 21/04/2009)

(Mais sobre os Gallows: aqui, num post próximo, ou no site da banda no myspace:

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